Why and wherefore? ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS was founded in 2006. Since that time the project has grown constantly. It has become more and more well known, more international and even more professional. And we are naturally very happy and proud of this fact!

Inevitably, however, the amount of time and labor has also increased immensely. The first few years we had to handle roughly 150 submissions per open call. Over the last few we have received more than 2000 submissions and more than 600 works from more than 600 international artists have been on display in each Anonymous Drawings show. Nevertheless, we want participation to remain free, that is, without submission fees. Money must remain irrelevant to selection - just as the name, biography, gender and age of the participating artists. This openness has always been the very heart of the entire Anonymous Drawings Project.

What this means in concrete terms: THE ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS PROJECT is only partly financed through the proceeds from the sale of drawings and through the support of the hosting exhibition spaces. In fact, this revenue covers only 60% of our total costs. We receive no public funding and have no financially strong institution or sponsor behind us. ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS is a project which exists through the help of private donations only.

Your support is vital to keeping ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS – founded by artists for other artists and lovers of drawing – a unique and independent project in the art world

Any contribution is welcome. Even the smallest amount will helps us to keep our project alive & kicking! Show your support and donate now.

Money donations with the reference "I support the Anonymous Drawings Project" to this account:

IBAN: DE33 1005 0000 6603 0969 50
Berliner Sparkasse

or via Paypal: