Anonymous Drawings 2018 Open Call for submisions


Download guidelines & submission form
Submission Deadline: May 11, 2018 (postmark, day of shipment)

Exhibition: July 14 – September 19, 2018 / Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

CONCEPT: Anonymous Drawings 2018 presents a group exhibition of roughly 500 drawings by 500 international artists. The works will be displayed anonymously. The exhibition is preceded by an international open call for submissions. Age, biography or gender will not be requested to be disclosed and do not play any role in the selection. There are no content requirements, but one formal rule: Only works up to a maximum size of A3 will be on display. The selection for the exhibition will be made anonymously, too.

There are no participation fees.

All the drawings are available for a symbolic unit sales-price of 200 Euros each. The artist's identity can only be revealed by the sale: Sold drawings will be taken right off the wall and the empty space left behind will be marked with the artist‘s full name and place of origin. The given unit sales price should not be seen as a real market price, but as a conceptual place holder for any conceivable amount of money in the art market.

How does one’s own assessment change if there is no information at all about the artist? How can one develop a personal definition of value if the sales prices are all identical? What is then a good drawing?

ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS is conceptual art and exhibition project all in one: Each and every anonymous artist becomes part of a collective work of art where hierarchies do not exist. A new space for unprejudiced viewing, judging and purchase of art emerges through the anonymity of the artists’ identities and and the uniform sales price.

ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS is both a tribute to the multifaceted medium of drawing and a collective „Gesamtkunstwerk“ where the common rules of the art market are experimentally turned upside down.

concept and realisation: Anke Becker


Please send by regular mail:

•  The completed SUBMISSION FORM

•  ONE UNFRAMED, ORIGINAL DRAWING ON PAPER with your readable name, your town and country of origin & your signature at the back of the drawing. Maximum size: DIN A3 (29,70 x 42,00 cm) or smaller

•  A STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED RETURN ENVELOPE (SASE) for the return shipping of your work

or, (if you send your drawing from outside Germany): Transfer 15 EURO to the below bank account for covering the cost for postage & packaging. Purpose: Anonymous 2018

Account name: blütenweiss
IBAN: DE 33 1005 0000 6603 096 950

or per paypal to the account:

Send everything to:

P.O. BOX / Postfach 65 21 25
13316 Berlin, Germany

•  Please send your submission only to the above P.O.BOX and not to the exhibition space; they are not involved with the procedure of the open call.

•  Please take into account that a personal delivery and pick up of submissions is not possible. Thanks for your understanding!

•  Please do not submit works on transparent paper or heavy cardboard, no prints, three-dimensional objects and no drawings that are mounted on a mat or drawings wrapped in cardboard tubes.

- We cannot not accept submissions that are subject to customer’s taxes. It is therefore advisable to indicate „Printed Matter – No Merchandise“ on the envelope.

- We will handle the works with greatest care and respect. However, Anonymous Drawings is not responsible for any damage that might arise during transportation.

Submission Deadline: May 11, 2018 (postmark, day of shipment)

The NOTIFICATION FOR SELECTION RESULTS will be sent by email by mid June.
Please note that due to the high amount of submissions we are not able to send separate confirmations of receipt.

SALE OF DRAWINGS: All drawings will be on sale for a symbolic sales price of 200 € each. The artists receive 120 Euro of the sales. The other 80 Euro will be paid out for the partial financing of the project. In case of a sale we will inform the artists immediately. The amount will be transferred as soon we received the artists’ bank account details and a correspondent invoice. The artists will receive the buyer’s contact details and vice versa. If you transferred 15€ for the return shipping we will refund those costs.

ONLINE-SALE: All exhibited drawings will be for sale online at after the opening weekend in Berlin. As soon a drawing is sold online, it will be removed from the exhibition wall. The empty space it left behind will be marked with the artist‘s full name and place of origin.

RECONSIGNMENT OF THE WORKS: Unsold works will be returned to the artists by the end of October 2018 or kept as a donation in the archive, if required. Drawings that not have been selected for the exhibition will be returned by the end of July 2018.

DONATIONS TO THE ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS ARCHIVE: It is through the past Anonymous Drawings exhibitions that the Anonymous Drawings Archive came into being: Currently there are more than 1000 drawings in the archive. Archived works are for sale online on our website and can be shown on traveling exhibitions. All drawings in the archive are donated by artists that support the project. 100 % of the revenues of an archive-sale go to the project and will be used to finance future shows and open calls. The artists will be informed if there is an archive sale and will be provided with the buyer’s contact details and vice versa. You find the option „Donation to the Anonymous Drawings Archive“ on the application form. If this option is marked, works that haven’t been sold during the regular exhibitions become part of the archive. Please note: Only works that have been selected for a regular Anonymous Drawings show can become part of the archive.

COPYRIGHT/PRIVACY: The participants agree that we use the anonymized images of the works for advertising purposes related to the Anonymous Drawings Project (press, postcards, social media) Personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.


STILL SOME QUESTIONS: Send us an email: