December 10, 2022 – January 14, 2023
Hypercultural Passengers Veddel-Space

Exhibition: December 10, 2022 – January 14,  2023

Sieldeich 36, 20539 Hamburg, Germany

As part of the exhibition ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS HAMBURG - VEDDEL at the HYCP Veddel-Space, around 180 drawings by 180 artists from the Hamburg metropolitan region were presented.
The exhibition was preceded by an open online call for participation for people from the Hamburg metropolitan region. Biographical details of the participants were not requested and played no role in the selection.  There were no content-related or technical specifications, only one formal rule: only works on paper up to a maximum format of A3 were to be exhibited. The selection of works for the exhibition was made on the basis of anonymised digital image files. Participation was free of charge.

The works will be exhibited without naming the authors and offered for sale at a symbolic unit price of 250€. The anonymity of the artists could only be removed through a sale: Sold drawings will be taken directly from the exhibition wall at the finissage on 14 January 2023, and the name and place of origin of the respective artists will be written in the resulting blank space on the wall. The fixed unit price is not to be understood as a real market price, but functions as a conceptual placeholder for every conceivable sales sum on the art market.